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Kanuka Thuringer LLP is an established Saskatchewan law firm. We are based in Regina and Swift Current, but regularly provide services to clients throughout the province. Our clientele is varied, and includes local, national and international corporations, individuals, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We have a diverse practice, but are likely best known for providing business advice and dispute resolution services in the areas of business law, energy and natural resources, financial services, construction, family law and transportation. Agency and referral work from out of province law firms is a significant part of our practice. Our principal areas of practice include:

Corporate and Commercial: (Contact: Laurance Yakimowski, QC) We provide comprehensive commercial law services, including incorporations, record maintenance, extra-provincial registration, reorganizations, amalgamations, public and private asset and share sales, franchising, all manner of commercial transactions, commercial and residential real estate including land assembly and subdivision development, and commercial leases. We also have experience in capital market financings.

Commercial Finance: (Contact: Warren Sproule, QC) We act as Saskatchewan counsel for a number of major financial institutions and are thoroughly familiar with the review, documentation, and registration of a wide variety of security documents for both local and national financings. We also represent financial institutions and insurance companies in dealings with local regulators.

Commercial Property: (Contact: Ronald Warsaba) We provide representation and advice in connection with the financing, acquisition, use, development or sale of commercial greenfield or brownfield sites, including land assembly, subdivision, leasing, development and redevelopment of office, retail and industrial properties.

Construction Law: (Contact: James Ehmann, QC) We have considerable experience in builders’ liens and construction law, representing owners, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers.

Creditors Rights and Insolvency: (Contact: Warren Sproule, QC) We act for creditors and debtors, and often receive instructions from or on behalf of local trustees. Services we provide include bankruptcy petitions, BIA and CCAA restructurings and proposals, debt collection, PPSA enforcement, mortgage foreclosures, and priority disputes.

Oil & Gas: (Contact: Keith Boyd, QC / Ronald Warsaba) We act for many oil and gas companies, from large public corporations to small private operations. Professional services include: title reviews; exploration and development agreements; licensing requirements; surface rights matters and hearings; the purchase, sale or swap of oil and gas properties and interests; oil and gas financings; farmouts; joint ventures; utilizations and pooling, including related security registrations; environmental aspects; and operational activities.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: (Contacts: James Ehmann, QC/Murray W. Douglas) We regularly conduct trials and appeals relating to all manner of disputes, including class actions, banking, bankruptcy, insurance (general liability, professional negligence, disability and life), construction, commercial contract, freight and transportation, tax, oil & gas, and employment law, providing effective representation before courts, administrative boards and agencies in all civil and criminal matters.

Insurance and Insurance Litigation: (Contact: Murray W. Douglas) We have extensive experience in all areas of insurance law and insurance litigation including general liability, professional negligence, boiler and machinery coverage, business interruption claims, surety and fidelity bonds, products liability, subrogation claims, disability and life insurance, and all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Family Law: (Contact: Paul Korpan, QC) We have extensive experience negotiating, litigating, and mediating family law issues, including custody and access, child and spousal support, division of property, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, and collaborative family law.

Labour and Employment: (Contact: Paul Harasen) We practice management-side labour law, mediation, and arbitration.  In the area of employment law, we represent employers and employees alike in all matters affecting employer-employee relationships and workplace requirements.

Transportation: (Contacts: Keith Kilback/Kelly Ruse) We have a long history of acting for motor carriers in regulatory, litigation, and commercial matters, including extra-provincial registrations, freight and cargo claims, hours of service and dangerous goods issues, overweight and over dimension loads violations, National Safety Code matters, record keeping, and due diligence systems. We act for trucking, rail, and courier companies, providing legal counsel on a broad variety of issues that affect transport operations.


2500 Victoria Ave, Suite 1400
Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3X2
Phone: (306) 525-7200
Fax: (306) 359-0590

Swift Current

350 Cheadle ST W, EI Wood Building
Swift Current, SK, Canada, S9H 4G3
Phone: (306) 773-4800
Fax: (306) 773-0040

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