Lexpert Headlines in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business

  • As a number of provinces enact stringent regulation forcing companies to slash GHG emissions, senior in-house counsel are taking a lead role
  • Law firms have begun to adopt the kind of trial-and-error thinking prevalent in the tech industry. But accepting risk as part of doing business will be a tough sell for professionals trained to avoid risk.
  • How do you know when a tech start-up has made it big in this country? When it leaves, of course. Canada has work to do if it wants to be more than an incubator for the States
  • In a few short years, anyone with a couple hundred dollars will be able to register a trademark, whether it’s being used commercially or not. Trademark trafficking, and trolls, won’t be far behind.
  • Navigating the political and bureaucratic minefield of health law is not for the faint of heart. But as demographic realities add pressure to an already stressed system, opportunities for innovators may emerge