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    Lexpert is the destination for authoritative news and information about Canada’s business of law.  


    Lexpert’s in depth content, products and services inform and educate an audience that has power and influence over purchasing decisions.  


    Lexpert is an unparalleled business development tool. It offers an integrated media platform that delivers your business messages and influences a niche and coveted target audience. Lexpert’s portfolio includes the website, print and digital publications (Lexpert Magazine and special editions), e-newsletter (DealsWire), directories and guides, Lexpert courses, webinars, awards and events. Additionally, Lexpert offers opportunities for sponsored content, native advertising, co-branded marketing opportunities and customized printing, editorial and partnership services. 

THE NEW AND ENHANCED LEXPERT.CA offers a fresh online experience for Lexpert audiences, with new and enhanced opportunities to leverage your business.  


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