Change Agents and Their Supporters

We know that the sculpture by Edwina Sandys, “Pillars of Justice," which is located in the McMurtry Gardens of Justice outside the Toronto Courthouse on University Avenue, depicts a vacancy, and that vacancy permits you the viewer to consider yourself as the missing juror.

However, we include it on the cover here to illustrate the question, how would things be different, for your clients and/or for the justice system, if you were absent? This is a question our Lexpert Zenith Awards winners can answer with alacrity. They are all remarkable Change Agents (see p. 25).

If our Change Agent winners are represented by the vacancy in Sandys’ sculpture, who are the other 11 people in our metaphor ... and in your organization? They are the colleagues who are receptive: willing to listen and to act. Whether you are at a law firm, government or corporate in-house department, or social agency, change rarely happens in the hands of one person. We call it the legal system quite rightly.

As you read the bios of our Zenith Winners, you may well think, 'I voted for that measure in my firm,' or 'I listened carefully to that person formulating a plan.' If this is so, congratulate yourself, too. Our Change Agents could not have done it without you.

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