Lexpert Zenith Awards: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

There are many, many actions worth celebrating

At Lexpert, we have wanted to celebrate Diversity and Inclusion since the Zenith Awards began about six years ago. But we were concerned there were not enough actions to celebrate. There were good intentions certainly, and good beginnings. Measurable changes to the profession, and therefore, society, were more difficult to establish.

This year we took the plunge. And there are many, many actions worth celebrating. Individuals who have broken barriers themselves, and then moved on to challenge the status quo for others similarly discriminated against; law firms that have concretized their ambitions with measurable benchmarks; and corporate legal departments boldly leading the charge.

There are also various action groups among the Winners, representing their respective constituencies. We know we have not included all of the action groups in these Awards. The Award winners come from nominations, and so you may find them uneven. Times have certainly changed. We have gone from wondering if we would have enough actions to celebrate, to worrying about the organizations we may have left out.

We plan on continuing to write stories on the attainment of further Diversity and Inclusion in the legal profession, and beyond, so please let us know of your progress in these regards.
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