Fen Phen Diet Drug Class Action

French pharmaceutical manufacturer Servier is defending a bevy of class actions launched in three jurisdictions on behalf of users of the drugs “Ponderal” and “Redux”. Both medications were voluntarily removed from the market following preliminary reports in the United States that their use in conjunction with another anorexient, phentermine, might lead to rare but serious side effects. No class has yet been certified in any of the cases while the debate on the scientific issues continues outside the courtroom.

Ogilvy Renault are acting for Servier in defending the action. William McNamara (Toronto), Gregory Nash and Randy Sutton (Vancouver), Éric Dunberry and Paul Prosterman (both Montreal) are Ogilvy's front bench on the file. David Klein and Dana Graves of Klein, Lyons in Vancouver represented the plaintiffs in British Columbia, Joel Rochon of Rochon Genova in Toronto for the plaintiffs in Ontario and Hélène Guay of Montreal for the plaintiffs in Quebec.