Lawyers on Social #lawyersonsocial

As many readers will know, the Law Society of Ontario is “creating a gender neutral room at Osgoode Hall where lawyers can network and change into their robes prior to appearing in court. The announcement by the Law Society of Ontario comes in the wake of a petition, started by Toronto lawyer Breanna Needham, which highlighted that the women’s robing room — known on some signs at the courthouse as the “Lady Barristers” room — had just 12 lockers, versus nearly 70 lockers and a lot more space on the men’s side.”

 Although this quote comes from The Toronto Star, which still has to conform to traditional standards even online, momentum for Needham’s petition was largely driven on Twitter - arguably, the open range.

 Lawyers seeking equity for women in the profession are all over #Momentum- Campaign and #womeninlaw.

 On societal issues too, lawyers are representing on Twitter. A Vancouver lawyer (@IRPlawyer) is speaking out against the fines for #panhandling in certain BC municipalities. Cuts to Legal Aid Ontario are widely protested by advocates including lawyers. Last year, BLG’s Erin Durant led an online campaign for the benefit of Pro Bono Ontario that saw law firms put words and pictures on Twitter.

 Closer to the practice, firms are acknowledging their efforts to improve their accessibility, @LaxOSullivan for example, says, “Thanks for taking the time to learn about effective communication with hearing loss clients! #communicationaccess #lawyerlearning #hearingloss.”

 For lawyers on Twitter, change is tumbling out fast and sometimes furious.

The sociology of the profession may never be the same again.