Lexpert publishes the 2018 Litigation Special Edition in Globe and Mail’s Report on Business

The Lexpert Special Edition - Canada's Leading Litigation Lawyers (Lexpert Special Edition – Litigation) was published within the December edition of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

Lexpert Special Edition – Litigation profiles Lexpert-ranked lawyers in several areas of business-related litigation. Also included are feature articles on the latest developments in commercial and securities litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. 

It also includes the following feature articles:

Arbitration Advantages
Arbitration offers a flexible and private alternative to a busy court system, but the parties must want to reach a solution together in order for it to work well.

Taxing Questions
A recent landmark tax court decision cuts to the heart of what constitutes a financial service and potentially impacts every Canadian bank and credit union that issues a credit card under its name.

A Matter of Civility
The Supreme Court has brought an end to a lengthy incivility case, sending several clear messages to the legal profession.

Slowdown in Securities
In the wake of the SCC trilogy that laid out a robust interpretation of the leave standard, there’s been a slowdown in the number of Canadian securities class actions.

Manipulating the Benchmark
Canadian plaintiffs join in “copycat” cases against major financial institutions charged with manipulating rates.