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Founded by Richard M. Bogoroch, Bogoroch & Associates LLP is a Toronto-based law firm that concentrates on civil litigation. The firm focuses on serious personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability and disability claims throughout Ontario.

At Bogoroch & Associates LLP, we have adopted a client-oriented approach to litigation, and we strive to achieve excellent results for all of our clients.

Our firm prides itself on enabling injured victims and their families to obtain access to the justice system by waiting to get paid until the case is concluded, and by paying for the thousands of dollars in disbursements necessary to advance their litigation, including expert reports.

Our mandate is to provide our clients with outstanding legal representation. Victims of motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and other traumatic events face many difficulties. Not only must they cope with the profound pain and loss resulting from their injuries, but they and their families must also navigate a complex and confusing maze of legal and insurance-related issues. At Bogoroch & Associates LLP, we are committed to helping our clients through their difficult times by providing caring, compassionate and effective legal representation.



150 King St W, Suite 1901, PO Box 56
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5H 1J9
Phone: (416) 599-1700
Fax: (416) 599-1800
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