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FILION WAKELY THORUP ANGELETTI LLP is a boutique firm specializing in labour and employment law on behalf of employers. We advise and represent executives, managers, and human resources professionals on all aspects of the law governing the relationship between employers and their employees. This includes employment-related litigation, negotiations, and strategic planning. We have one of the most highly respected management-side labour and employment practices in Canada, and our lawyers are acknowledged leaders in the field, enjoying strong reputations for their work throughout Canada and the United States.

Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP is the single Canadian member of L&E Global, an international alliance of firms providing counsel to employers on employment, labour, workplace privacy, employee benefits, and immigration law.


Attendance and Disability Management: We are experienced in advising and helping clients develop and administer policies to manage absenteeism and short- and long-term disability.

Collective Bargaining: Depth of experience in collective bargaining is one of our greatest strengths. Whether acting as a spokesperson at the bargaining table or as an advisor to the bargaining committee, we assist employers at every stage of the negotiation process. We regularly negotiate both first collective agreements and renewal agreements, and we are experienced at drafting language that is clear, practical, and unlikely to result in arbitral challenge. We are also experienced in advising employers on how to interpret and apply their collective agreements.

Discipline, Discharge and Terminations: We regularly advise clients on their rights and obligations with respect to discipline and discharge. We are also regularly involved in negotiating severance packages following employment terminations.

Employee Benefits and Pensions: We help employers design and administer their benefit plans, taking into account the impact of ongoing changes in pension and human rights legislation. We are also equipped to address pension and benefit issues that may arise in grievances, arbitrations and otherwise.

Employment Contracts:The law surrounding enforceability of severance provisions is becoming increasingly complex and uncertain. Our lawyers stay abreast of this ever-changing area of the law so we can help both private and public sector employers draft appropriate employment contracts that maximize clarity and enforceability.

Employment Policies and Practices: We routinely provide opinions on legal and strategic issues relating to the introduction and implementation of all manner of workplace practices and policies.

Employment Standards: We help employers understand the requirements of the Employment Standards Act, whether they are negotiating collective agreements, drafting employment contracts, or restructuring their operations. We also handle complaints, including those that arise through the Act itself, through grievances, or through wrongful dismissal actions.

Grievance and Interest Arbitration: Representing clients at arbitration, including for discipline and discharge grievances, is a large part of our practice. We have developed a strong reputation as outstanding advocates, and we have been counsel in many cases that have resulted in precedent-setting decisions.

Human Rights: We regularly advise clients on human rights issues and deal with human rights applications, including appearing before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. To reduce employer vulnerability to complaints, we work with clients to develop and review proactive measures, policies and procedures that comply with the legislation in a realistic and appropriate manner.

Investigations: Our lawyers regularly investigate workplace complaints and help guide our clients through internal investigations. When not acting as lead investigators, we regularly liaise with other external investigators, either retained by us or by our clients, to ensure a complete and fair investigation.

Occupational Health and Safety: As well as advising clients on how to mitigate health and safety risks, we have the necessary experience to fully represent clients if a critical injury, accident or other safety issue should occur in the workplace.

Pay Equity: We regularly provide advice and representation to employers on pay equity matters, and we have assisted many employers in developing pay equity plans to achieve and maintain pay equity. We also appear before the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal.

Purchase & Sale/Corporate Restructuring: We advise clients on all labour and employment aspects related to sales, transfers, amalgamations and corporate restructurings. We work strategically with our clients to ensure the organization achieves its goals while minimizing labour and employment costs, including the cost of litigation, and reducing the negative impact on employees.

Privacy/Freedom of Information: Our expertise in the areas of privacy and freedom of information is particularly strong. We regularly advise clients with respect to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Personal Health Information Protection Act, and other privacy statutes. We also help clients prepare policies and procedures with respect to collecting, using and disclosing information. As well, for many years, the firm has authored the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act: Quick Reference.

Union Certification and Decertification: Employers in non-unionized workplaces often seek our advice on how to respond to union attempts to organize their workplace. Where a union applies for certification, we have a track record of preparing a strong response within the strict time limits imposed by the Labour Relations Act, 1995. We also help our clients develop effective and appropriate strategies to communicate their position to employees.

Work Stoppages: We advise and help clients to thoroughly and properly prepare for strikes or lock outs and advise clients on minimizing the impact of such disruptions.

Workplace Safety and Insurance: We help clients manage work-related absences and injuries and workplace safety and insurance issues. We represent employers before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.

Wrongful Dismissal and Other Civil Litigation: We represent employers in wrongful dismissal actions, including actions involving fiduciary duties of departing employees, injunction applications, occupational health and safety charges, and judicial review applications, at all levels of the trial and appellate courts. In the administrative arena, we represent employers in proceedings before labour arbitrators, employment standards officers, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Canada Industrial Relations Board, human rights tribunals, the Pay Equity Tribunal, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal.


333 Bay St, Suite 2500, Box 44
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5H 2R2
Phone: (416) 408-3221
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620A Richmond St, 2nd Fl
London, ON, Canada, N6A 5J9
Phone: (519) 433-7270
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1 King St W, Suite 1201, Box 57030
Hamilton, ON, Canada, L8P 4W9
Phone: (905) 526-8904
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