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Lavery is one of the leading independent law firms in Québec. With over 200 professionals—including lawyers, notaries, trademark agents and patent agents—the firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services to regional, national and multinational corporations, financial institutions, and government departments, agencies, and Crown corporations. It also has an extensive practice in advising other Canadian and foreign law firms on matters pertaining to Québec law.

Lavery has developed strong ties with law firms and other professional firms across Canada, the United States and worldwide, enabling us to assist our clients in developing opportunities outside Québec.

The following is a brief description of the firm’s main areas of practice.

Artificial Intelligence
Lavery created the Lavery Legal Lab on Artificial Intelligence (L3AI) to analyze and monitor recent and anticipated developments in artificial intelligence from a legal perspective. Our Lab is interested in all projects pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI) and their legal peculiarities, particularly the various branches and applications of artificial intelligence which will rapidly appear in companies and industries.

Business Transactions
Lavery’s team of lawyers represents a broad range of clients doing business in Canada and abroad. These lawyers handle all types of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance, buy-outs, public-private partnership initiatives and joint ventures.

Class Action Defence
Lavery has been handling class actions for over 30 years. Our team is equipped with a solid grasp of the Québec class action regime. We have access to an extensive network of partners that allows us to act in a concerted fashion globally and remain up to date on the latest trends in class actions. Our team is often solicited for major cases involving complex issues.

Commercial Litigation
The commercial litigation team handles a wide range of issues, including creditors’ rights, banking and financial transactions, bankruptcy and insolvency, franchising, securities litigation and competition law.

Construction Law and Surety Bonds
Lavery has the advantage of having one of the most diversified experience in Québec including an expertise in project development. Our team contributed to all phases of development of multiple wind, hydroelectric and biogas projects. Lavery also distinguishes itself by its diverse clientele, which includes promoters, lending syndicates, and investment funds. The firm has the privilege of advising clients in project management, which gives us a competitive advantage that sets us apart from the legal regional market.

Energy and Natural Resources
Lavery has the advantage of having one of the most diversified experience in Québec including an expertise in project development. Our team contributed to all phases of development of multiple wind, hydroelectric and biogas projects. Lavery also distinguishes itself by its diverse clientele, which includes promoters, lending syndicates, and investment funds. The firm has the privilege of advising clients in project management, which gives us a competitive advantage that sets us apart from the legal regional market.

Financing and Financial Services
Lavery’s financing team acts on behalf of both financial institutions and corporate borrowers in handling and implementing all forms of financial transactions and in developing financial services for financial institutions.

Our team has the expertise needed to support local fintech companies throughout every step in their development by helping them successfully navigate the regulatory scheme governing financial institutions in Canada. Our fintech team, in collaboration with Lavery Go Inc., can also assist Québec entrepreneurs deploy their business from the moment they are created. Drawing on our diversified experience, we offer a comprehensive, customized and long-term vision of the industry.

Franchising and Distribution
The professionals in this area of practice are advisors of choice for structuring, launching and guiding franchise and distribution systems of all industries. We provide Canadian and US-based franchisors, master franchisees, distributors, retailers and manufacturers with all the services they need to set up and improve their network or establishments across Québec and Canada.

Health Law
Lavery is the preferred legal advisor to a number of healthcare institutions and healthcare professional bodies. The firm has broad expertise in areas such as the structuring, organizing and financing of healthcare systems, providing advice in respect of the administrative and legal framework governing the operation of healthcare institutions, negotiating and drafting R&D contracts for the healthcare industry, healthcare litigation, including professional malpractice litigation.

Information, Privacy and Defamation
Lavery is one of Québec’s leading law firms in matters of information and privacy law. Our clients include the provincial government and its departments, large corporations, media organizations and professional associations in respect of such matters as access to information, confidentiality issues, Charter rights, defamation and slander.

Our Infrastructure team is comprised of seasoned professionals working in all relevant aspects of infrastructure projects. Our professionals are renowned for their expertise in areas such as project management, equity or debt financing, construction law and surety-bonds, municipal law, real estate law, tax matters, environmental law or government affairs.

Labour and Employment
For more than 40 years, Lavery’s team has represented the interests of employers, providing a full complement of services in labour and employment law, including negotiating collective agreements, strategic counselling, mediation, arbitration, and occupational health and safety.

Mining Law
Lavery has been very active in the mining industry for over five decades. Our lawyers in this field handle all types of mandates such as helping companies achieve business development objectives, setting up financial structures and implementing strategic alliances.

Restructuring and Insolvency
The restructuring and insolvency team usually represents financial institutions, trustees in bankruptcy, receivers, liquidators, monitors, lenders, borrowers, corporate debtors and financiers in matters related to Canadian and cross-border corporate restructuring and insolvency, commercial interests, security interests, real estate, litigation, and statutory and regulatory schemes created by various acts.

Securities Law
Lavery’s securities law team provides its clients, whether underwriters or issuers, with full range services, including the listing of corporate securities on stock exchanges, handling and assisting with mergers, acquisitions, debt offerings, private placements and takeover bids, drafting and advising on stock option plans, initial public offerings, issuer bids, and preparing shareholders’ meetings.

The firm’s tax practitioners work in multidisciplinary teams with lawyers in other practice areas to address taxation issues related to the purchase and sale of businesses, corporate reorganizations, real estate transactions and other business transactions. Lavery also has an active tax advocacy and litigation practice as well as a personal tax planning practice.

Our lawyers provide advice and guidance to marine, air, road and rail transportation companies in various areas including insurance (liability, hull and cargo), recoveries, admiralty proceedings, maritime liens and realizing on security, transportation and affreightment contracts.

For further information, please contact the partners listed below or visit our website at lavery.ca.

MONTRÉAL Chief Executive Officer: Anik Trudel
QUÉBEC CITY Contact Partner: Simon Clément
SHERBROOKE Contact Partner: Christian Dumoulin
TROIS-RIVIÈRES Contact Partner: Marie-Josée Hétu


1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 4000
Montréal, QC, Canada, H3B 4M4
Phone: (514) 871-1522
Fax: (514) 871-8977

Québec City

925 Grande Allée W, Suite 500
Québec City, QC, Canada, G1S 1C1
Phone: (418) 688-5000
Fax: (418) 688-3458


95 Jacques Cartier Blvd S, Suite 200, Cité du Parc
Sherbrooke, QC, Canada, J1J 2Z3
Phone: (819) 346-5058
Fax: (819) 346-5007


1500 Royale St, Suite 360
Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada, G9A 6E6
Phone: (819) 373-7000
Fax: (819) 373-0943

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