• Sectors that are now ripe for litigation include cannabis, Big Tech and long-term care facilities; privacy, secondary market misrepresentation and predominance of common issues are also in the ...
  • Canadian courts delivered several hard-hitting decisions affecting Canadian businesses in 2019 and 2020, including the long-awaited release of the Supreme Court of Canada’s administrative law trilogy
  • Courts have emphasized that the Indigenous consultation standards on both governments and proponents of pipeline and other infrastructure projects are high but achievable
  • Legislative and policy shifts in climate change environmental regimes, both federally and provincially, have all affected the energy sector, which must adapt to those changes

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  • Tim Wilbur
    When the litigation department is needed, it is usually not good news
  • Tim Wilbur
    The energy sector in Canada is often covered in a very polarized manner
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    Short-term delays and long-term shifts
  • Tim Wilbur
    Cannabis is the new kid on the block in agriculture
  • Tim Wilbur
    For the technology industry, the idea of disruption has often been used in the positive sense.
  • Tim Wilbur
    Traditionally, when people speak about innovation, industries such as technology, manufacturing or even retail may come to mind.
  • Tim Wilbur
    Welcome to the Lexpert Special Edition on Finance and M&A. In this issue, alongside the biographical information about Lexpert-ranked lawyers, we bring you topical articles including our Top 10 Deals of 2019.
  • Jean Cumming
    This is my last editorial for Lexpert Magazine so I want to give you something useful, a piece of practical wisdom.
  • Paul-Erik Veel
    On September 20, 2019, the Supreme Court released its longawaited decision in Pioneer Corp v Godfrey. Godfrey is the Supreme Court’s latest decision involving price-fixing class actions, and expands on and clarifies the basic approach to these cases ...
  • George S. Takach
    High Stakes, But High Reward if Done Right