The Lexpert Special Edition: Technology 2021  focuses on the technology industry and profiles selected Lexpert-ranked lawyers who serve that industry. Also included are feature articles on the following topics: Privacy, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Attracting talent, IPOs, private equity and tech company growth.

The Lexpert Special Edition: Technology was published on February 18, 2021 and distributed through The Globe and Mail, and through Key Media’s industry channels, including the subscribers of Canadian Lawyer InHouse Magazine.

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  • Hiring from abroad during Covid

  • Boosting tech IP during Covid

  • Canada overhauls digital laws

  • Tech deals jump in value

  • On Jan. 20, the United States of America welcomed a new president and a new administration
  • Technology is everywhere these days, from our kitchen table Zoom calls to the peak of the stock markets
  • In July, the Business Development Bank of Canada Capital announced a new intellectual property development financing envelope to support intellectual property-focused companies in Canada
  • In November, the federal government tabled privacy legislation that would impose heavier fines on businesses for breaching individuals’ digital privacy rights and give individuals greater control ...
  • To every cloud there is a silver lining, and several sectors of the economy have been thriving during the pandemic — especially those related to the pandemic