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    • George S. Takach
      The EU’s new GDPR, coming into effect in May, will dictate new standards for the protection of data around the world
    • Richard G. Stock
      Procurement professionals and directors of legal operations would do well to pool their resources
    • Antonio Di Domenico
      Is Canada in need of amended competition laws and enforcement tools, or will the status quo suffice?
    • Donna C. Wannop
      A lawyer’s approach to developing his or her practice should change and adapt over the course of a career
    • Jean Cumming
      A really good deal is one in which everyone's a winner
    • George S. Takach
      Technological innovations such as digitally managed deliveries and self-driving cars will all have legal ramifications
    • Richard G. Stock
      Getting better value from external counsel can be achieved through this seven-step plan
    • Heather Suttie
      Any relationship worth having deserves to be nurtured, so don’t duck client conversations about service
    • Stephen J. Messinger
      Change is evolution, change is progress, change is disruptive — embrace it or be left behind
    • George S. Takach
      Here’s how to craft a tech deal purchase agreement to align expectations all around