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    • George S. Takach
      Here’s how to craft a tech deal purchase agreement to align expectations all around
    • Richard G. Stock
      These key performance indicators should be recognizable by all business units and remain constant over the years
    • John A. Campion
      A new age of accelerations is upon humanity like never before — and embrace it we must
    • Donna C. Wannop
      It’s important to generate new business, but just as important to hang on to existing clients when partners leave
    • George S. Takach
      Here are some key considerations for smaller — but critically important — buy-side strategic tech acquisitions
    • Jean Cumming
      While law firm networks certainly haven’t replaced global firms, there is an increased understanding that any law firm intending to expand needs to carefully weigh the pros and cons of which model suits them best.
    • Richard G. Stock
      Evaluating the performance of your law firms can be accomplished in three steps
    • Mark R. T. Adkins
      To predict future deal practice, look to the US; Canadian lawyers are watching and adopting (some) trends
    • Heather Suttie
      Law firms risk market erosion by ignoring the audacious in their ranks
    • Jean Cumming
      For anyone who spent or spends considerable time in academic pursuits, which includes virtually all lawyers, September is as much of a marker of a new year as is January.


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    • Anthony von Mandl, owner of Mission Hill Family Estate Winery, has a new artisanal winery called CheckMate
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    • Wherein our columnist makes a case for resurrecting obsolete words — at least in idioms
    • Celebrate Canada’s sesquicentenary with culture and nature
    • Tony Aspler travels to London to judge the Decanter World Wine Awards, and consumes a lot of wine — and cheese
    • Here’s a sampling from around the world, as used in the English, German, Russian and Hebrew languages