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    • Richard G. Stock
      There are a couple of approaches for companies moving to systematic firm selection
    • Heather Suttie
      Lawyers are advised to make changes to their practices steadily and consistently, and avoid overanalyzing
    • Timothy J. Murphy
      In the information age, law firms need to be partnering with a new breed of specialist
    • George S. Takach
      Ransomware has grown into a massive criminal enterprise, and companies seem all too willing to pay
    • Richard G. Stock
      A remarkable case study shows how one client was able to yield efficiencies by creating a performance plan
    • Heather Suttie; Donna C. Wannop
      Lawyers are advised to make changes to their practices steadily and consistently, and avoid overanalysing
    • Jean Cumming
      In an article published on TR’s Legal Executive Institute Network, “Moving from Literary Prose to Machine Code,” Kingsley Martin discusses “Auditable Contracts” (i.e., those “capable of computer analysis to assess their principal characteristics.”)
    • article list image
      Today, a PR disaster can sink a company faster than a lawsuit. That requires cross-disciplinary teamwork.
    • George S. Takach
      Bitcoin may seem uncontrollable, but so did the internet back in the day. Eventually, legal systems emerge.
    • Richard G. Stock
      A recent report outlines how major corporations are spurring innovation within their law departments


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    • The vintners of this country owe a debt of gratitude to the hybrids that propelled their fledgling industry
    • Perception matters. We should choose our words carefully.
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    • Heavens to Betsy, where did all these name expressions come from?
    • There’s a tendency to head for the tried and true when it comes to Europe. Flights to Paris, Rome and Prague are popular, but chances are high that you’ll look across the aisle and spot the client you thought you were taking a holiday from. Instead, ...
    • Wine lovers, I have found, are unrepentant collectors, not only of bottles of wine, but also all the paraphernalia that goes along with wine — the labels, corkscrews, corks and even those little metal discs under the cage of champagne bottle ...