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    • Jean Cumming
      Again this year, Lexpert is pleased to join with Deloitte, Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk and The Globe and Mail to celebrate the Canadian Dealmakers Awards.
    • Richard G. Stock
      Putting more eggs in fewer baskets to streamline the supply chain requires a higher level of oversight
    • Heather Suttie
      Outsourcing some of the old "full service" model allows marketing departments to work within shrinking budgets
    • Jean Cumming
      In this technological age “the time of static stability has passed us by,” says author Thomas Friedman
    • George S. Takach
      Boards of directors and executive committees must be trained to shepherd their institutional digital capabilities
    • Jean Cumming
      Vancouver law firms are seeing the potential in the city's start-ups and are developing programs for them
    • Richard G. Stock
      A new book plots the law firm's management of external counsel, in five stages, over nearly three decades
    • Donna C. Wannop
      Lawyers ignore clients’ queries at their peril; giving nearly any response is better than no response at all
    • George S. Takach
      Canada’s innovations have included high-tech IMAX, but also the snow plough, Canada Dry ginger ale and Pablum
    • Jean Cumming
      In this issue, we reflect on a number of Top Deals (p. 29) of 2016 (and Cases on p. 36). Several of these Deals were outbound, that is to say, companies led by trailblazing leaders expanded into other countries, very often the US. While this is ...


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