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  • Richard G. Stock
    Internal counsel have a new ally to help drive innovation: external counsel
  • Heather Suttie
    The upshot of a hollowing out of people and profits in legal services
  • Jordan Furlong
    The accountants aren’t “coming” to infiltrate law. They’re already here
  • George S. Takach
    Canadian businesses would benefit mightily from e-commerce in a TPP-supported economy
  • Jean Cumming
    In one area, there is less information available: dispute resolution. In mediation and negotiation, the decisions, or at least the terms, are usually confidential.
  • Richard G. Stock
    Efficiency systems found in manufacturing are just as applicable to legal services
  • Christopher Bentley
    Should legal education focus on the consumers we serve? Of course it should
  • Donna C. Wannop
    It’s not a logo or visual style — branding goes far deeper than that, right to the core of the firm’s identity
  • George S. Takach
    You will be hearing a lot about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (“TPP”) this year. The Harper Conservative government signed it on Oct. 5, 2015, but for it to be effective for Canada, it has to be ratified by the new Liberal government ...
  • Jean Cumming
    Congratulations to the Winners of the Canadian Dealmakers Awards. These Winners know much about innovation.


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